About People Dynamix

What exactly is People Dynamix?

Managing a temporary workforce at arms length can be both challenging and risky in a highly unregulated market.
People Dynamix provides employers with a robust digital platform to support the management, compliance, cost and administration associated to all recruitment activities.

What is the difference between vendor neutral, and master vendor solutions?

A Master vendor solution is typically managed by a large, usually multinational, recruitment agency which will also typically control the flow of vacancies to other recruitment agencies they cannot or strategically don’t want to fill.

They can be very strong in one or two particular sectors and are fully in control their own agency workforce which can cause a conflict between quality and cost and price to employers.

A true neutral vendor like People Dynamix have no affiliation to, or ownership of, any recruitment firms in their wider group.

This means we can optimise all recruitment agency relationships extremely effectively as there is never any conflict of interest around cost or margins. We also do not provide any staff.

Also, as People Dynamix is a Neutral Vendor Recruitment Solution and as the Agency Market is heavily self – regulated we can provide employers with peace of mind that all legislative requirements are being met.

Which sectors does People Dynamix operate?

The Dynamix Corporation has a proven pedigree across all specialist markets – both in the public and private sectors and as sector specialists we understand that employers have very distinct needs.

What cost savings will be delivered digitally?

Typical savings are between 10% and 25% so for every £500k you spend on recruitment you will generally save between £50k-£125k annually. We have to find savings as we only get paid on delivering them!

Controlling recruitment costs are important but improving quality of my temporary workforce is more important?

“Round pegs in round holes”. By managing your recruitment activity digitally allows People Dynamix and our recruitment agency network to focus more internally on quality. We work with employers on our extensive suite of digital KPIs which can also be managed via the Dynamix App.

Is the DNA software implementation complicated?

Our passion is saving you money. We can deliver the solution between 3-12 weeks depending on your spend profile – (take the 30 second challenge)

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

People Dynamix is unique if the fact it considers all your recruitment spend – both temp and perm – we combine both neutrally – as in we do not provide or source the workers ourselves.

How much does People Dynamix charge?

People Dynamix usually only gets paid from employers upon savings delivered but some clients prefer to license our software and we can flexibly price this per user.

What makes People Dynamix such a unique digital proposition?

People Dynamix is delivering clients a 24/7 live people demand management system (DNA) across there whole recruitment spend that allows everyone in the supply chain to view the real-time progress of local and national agency recruitment campaigns. Moreover, peace of mind for all stakeholders that the people working within their businesses are checked, regulated and vetted to industry standards.

What are the risks for my business when engaging with a temporary workforce?

With over 1.2M temporary workers working in the UK every day means that qualifications, visas, safeguarding checks and pay rates are constantly changing and more importantly, expire. For example, did you know that a teacher that hasn’t worked for three months by law needs to have an updated DBS check and everyone requires the right to work in the UK?. Did you know that employers can be fined for breaches in Agency Workers Regulations ( link ) and you can be inspected by the Home Office or even raided! ( link )